CLE – a suggestion and an experiment

CLE stands for Continuing Legal Education.  There has been a debate in Connecticut about whether there should be mandatory CLE.  In the context of that debate mandatory CLE means CLE required by a rule  adopted by the Judges of the Superior Court, i.e. government mandated and regulated CLE.

In my view CLE has long been mandatory.  For example, see Rule 1.1, Competence, of Connecticut’s Rules of Professional Conduct. As I see it, given the fact that law changes and that standards of practice change, one must continually engage in legal education in order to remain competent.

In the context of government mandated CLE, the question is what should qualify as CLE, how much of CLE should be required and what kind of record-keeping and enforcement mechanism should there be.

Rather than have the government regulate mandatory CLE, in my view Bar Associations should do it by establishing standards that members are expected to meet. More on that in a separate post.

In order to address the issue in my own way, I intend to list my CLE, meaning activities that I consider qualify as continuing legal education.  I will do that under the menu item entitled “My CLE” (see aboove – currently under construction).  As with the fee model for telephone support, “advertising” my CLE is an experiment.  Comments and suggestions welcome.