Draft minutes of May meeting of Superior Court Rules Committee describe proposed changes affecting reinstatement and screening and add “electronic communications” at point various points again emphasizing the application of the RPC to digital data

The link to the daft minutes is here.

For proposed changes concerning the procedure for reinstatement following a suspension of a year or more, and for disbarment for theft of client funds see item 3 and Appendix B. In general the proposed changes tighten up the process of reinstatement for lawyers who (a) have been suspended for a year or more, or (b) have been disbarred or resigned – five year waiting period or (c) been disbarred for theft of client funds – twelve year waiting period plus other conditions including full restitution.

For proposed changes to the RPC 1.0 (Terminology)  and 1.10 (Imputation of Conflicts: General Rule) see item 12 and Appendix H.  The proposed changes add “electronic communications” to the definition of “Writing and written” and to the commentary on the definition of screening. The proposed changes of Rule 1.10 are intended to make Connecticut’s Rule 1.10 consistent with ABA Model Rule 1.10.